free at last

These pieces reflect the eclectic and kaleidoscopic experience one can have in my old neighborhood in New York City. Programmatic in nature, each musical “scene” represents a moment, a mood on any given day. I feel especially blessed to have recorded with musicians who not only played beautifully, but were indeed sensitive to capturing the intent of each composition. This CD was a long time comin’, so in a manner of speaking… I’m Free at Last. I hope you enjoy the music.

Peaceful, Jim


Jim Balagurchik – piano
William Galison – harmonica
Adam Rafferty – guitar
Cameron Brown – bass
Sam Allen – drums
Jamey Haddad – percussion
Brian Charette – organ

praise for free at last

“Congratulations on creating such wonderful music and such a special delight of rich and intriguig sounds…the music is extrememly captivating. Someone said jazz is about surprises, and here is a perfect example of sounds that surprise and tantalize.”
– Bill Todt – VP, JazzMuze, Inc


“Autumn Leaves”

Keller Hall – October 11, 2015
Jim Balagurchik, piano; Wade Knight, bass; Nick Baker, drums

“Samba Nova”

Outpost – June 30, 2016
Jim Balagurchik, piano; Glenn Kostur, sax; Bruce Dalby, flugelhorn; Mark Simons, guitar; Colin Deuble, bass; and Abel Cuevas, drums.

Performance and Interview

Bucknell University – JulY 25, 2007
Jim Balagurchik, piano; Wade Knight, bass; Nick Baker, drums

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